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THIS REPORT UPDATED 12-4-2012 **Thank you for the emails with questions. Keep the feedback coming!**

UPDATED OUTLOOK.......The latest ENSO report is now indicating neutral SST's (sea surface temperatures) in the Eastern Pacific-and the prospect for above average winter precipitation is not likely. Therefore, the drought of 2010 will extend into 2013 even with the possibility of precipitation opportunities into the Spring season. The moisture deficit created by the drought will not eliminated and wise water use is our best option for limiting the impacts from this long-lived drought.

My forecast is for strong cold fronts to return after a dry-warm November. However, precipitation events should be more limited. My snow forecast for the Sacramento Range is near average snowfall through March 21st, 2013. For the Ruidoso area expect near average precipitation-despite the current snow deficit.

For Southeast New Mexico--periodic precipitation events will continue into March, 2013. Still, precipitation will not be sufficient to end the severe drought and wildfire threat is increasing once again due to an extremely dry-warm November. A continued drought suggests that water restrictions should continue. Well water use should also follow stricter use due to the rapid depletion of the aquifer.

For Ruidoso-Cloudcroft-Alamagordo--Rainfall for the year now totals over 12.00" at the weathernow live weather sensor at the MTD Radio studios. November's dry-very warm weather is delaying the Ski Season, but snow opportunities will occur over the next few weeks. While total snow may approach climate averages, rapid and sustained warm periods will continue to impact our region with early season melt periods. We'll Keep You Advised...

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